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About us

PACTE INGENIERIE is a groupment of 5 companies and reprensents 60 personns.

Our philosophy 
  • Providing sustainable, cost and material efficient consultancy
  • Offering our clients a synergy of experts, optimising technical choices with transversal studies
  • Delivering on time to and above our clients’ expectations
  • Providing a safe and comfortable environment for all
Our bonuses 
  • A global and flexible engineering consultancy
  • A unique point of entry and coordinator for each project
  • A common investment into research & development
  • The experience in the elaboration of norms and regulations
  • A commitment to quality through national and international labelling
  • Energy Quality control (thermographic survey;  air leakage testing  envelopp and HVAC systems)
  •  Energy consumptions monitoring  (energy audit ;  review and optimize building systems ; energy consumptions monitoring)
  • QSAS ; LEED and BREEAM specialists