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Projets / Tertiary

Princess Nora Bint Abdulrahman University
Address Saoudia Arabia - Riyad
Building owner Saoudia Arabia Government
Architect -
client OGER international
Area -
Amount of work -
Missions Electricity
ABU DHABI La Sorbonne University
Building owner ABU DHABI Government
Architect -
Client OGER international
Area -
Amount of work -
Missions Electricity
Education 2010 - 2014  
New construction - Certification HQE
Address Marne la Vallée (77)
Building owner Syndicat d'Agglomération Nouvelle du Val d'europe
Architect Ameller & Dubois
Use Pôle enfance
Area 7 000 m²
Amount of work 12 millions €
Missions Energy, Environment, Acoustic, HVAC, Structure, Economy
Renovation Museum 2011-2013  
Marseille - Museum of Fort-Saint-Jean
Address Marseille (13)
Building owner Ministry of Culture and Communication / Head office of the heritages
Architect Zen+dCo
Use Museum
Area 15 000 m²
Amount of work 3,2 millions €
Missions Certification HQE and Sustainable development for outdoor areas and in buildings, All fluids, Structure)
New construction 2010-2012  
Nursery : 60 beds - Certification HQE and label BBC-Effinergie
Address Bagneux (92220)
Building owner Weisrock
Architect Architecte A
Use Nursery
Area 830 m²
Amount of work 2,15 millions €
Missions HVAC, Energy, Environment
New construction 2010-2011  
Gymnasium - low energy and sustainable building
Address Ris Orangis
Building owner Ris Orangis City
Architect Antonini+Darmon Architects
Use Sport
Area 2 200 m²
Amount of work 3,3 millions €
Missions Energy, Environment, Acoustic
New construction 2008-2011  
Media Library - low energy and sustainable building
Address Saint-Denis (93)
Building owner Plaine-Saint-Denis
Architect Antonini+Darmon Architects
Use Media Library
Area 1 700 m²
Amount of work 2 millions €
Missions Acoustic, Energy